Top 5 Android Apps For College Students

College life may pose many challenges for students, including tuitions, classroom activities, social engagement and assignments, thus adding to the overall chaos.There are many college students who have been making use of technology to its best. With the help of apps on their smartphones, they handle their studies, expenditures, travel and much more. Listed below are the top 5 Android apps for college students to make their life easier.  It is also a good idea to have a website of your own as you have some best web hosting in India. You can avail the hosting service at a nominal rate and have a website of your own.


Students can never predict when they will have to scan something, including a work sheet, homework sheet, lecture notes or anything else. This Android app is a great boon for scanning such documents. It makes use of some algorithms for cleaning things up a little following which it can be shared through email. The best part of CamScanner is that the scanning of documents is done in PDF form.


Add this app to your list if you want to take notes during a lecture. This highly popular app lets you to make use of images and also add voice notes. Evernote comes to rescue an all-nighter, who may not be able to concentrate during a lecture. With this app, you record and listen to the instructions in the class later. It’s also a great app to use if you haven’t taken any notes of the lecture. The popularity of Evernote is such that several phones come pre-installed with the app.

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