Know How to Install Viber for Android Devices and Bypass App Store

Viber is a free text and calling app, which is available for all the android devices and there are a
few ways to download the app without having to use the Google App store but before that let
us talk about some of its prime features.
With this particular application, Android users can text and also call in their countries and even
internationally. The major advantage of using this app is that it is free of cost and lets all the
users to text over VoIP and receive calls using Wi-Fi and 3G connections. So, if you are using
Viber and want to make a call to a friend, who uses viber too then all you need is a Wi-Fi
connection to make free calls. This application is rightly integrated with Android OS and a very
impressive feature of this app is that you won’t require a username and password to register;
just your mobile number will be used as an ID.
Installation is very easy and the setup is also quite fast and simple. Once viber is installed on
your android device, you need to enter your mobile number and you will immediately receive a
confirmation code via a SMS or through call, which is verification of your mobile number.
After receiving your confirmation code, enter it in the space provided by the app and it will be
good to run. Soon, it will scan the whole of your address book and you would be able to see
which of your contacts use this network and you can start texting them and calling them for
The biggest surprise of the app is the quality of audio calls and clarity of video calls. The
greatest and most powerful feature that most users appreciate is the ability to use the app for
incoming calls without having the app opened in the background. It provides an experience,
which is as easy as making any normal call. Once you receive the incoming call, the app
immediately launches and you will get connected to viber pretty soon and within a few seconds
the user can start speaking.
Right now, the application Viber is the most preferred alternative for Skype by all those users
who like to converse with people staying far away for free. It is the best app, which offers
texting and also calling feature just by using your phone number.
It is simple, easy, fast, and free. People everywhere are downloading it and using it for their
daily basis calling activities. If in case, you don’t want to make use of Google play store to
download the app, there are other ways to do it too. If your phone is customized to download
apk files from unknown sources too, then you can make use of the apk files and various links
available on the internet and download the app from there and carry out the rest of the
installation process as mentioned above.

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