Everything You Need to Know about the Latest My Maps

A little familiar system known as My Maps, a recent update by Google for Google Maps, is
something exceptionally marvelous. The way you have used Google Maps before and the way it
can be used now is beautiful. Now, you can add special markers, directions, and trails. You can
carry over what you created and also share it with your coworkers, friends, and also associates
for free of cost. Here are some of the recent My Maps features:
You can double tap on your location preference until you get really close so that you can drop a
pin. A location pin is more of an upside-down teardrop.
Later, drag a pin down to the location from the toolbar available in the upper left-hand-corner
of the browser, which lies just below the search bar, where you want to tag. From there, text
and picture can be added. Once the pin is laid, you can also trash, edit, and get directions.
Add a Route
The shape, which lies immediately on the pin’s right, is called the Route button. You can also
add a specific set of directions for walking, for a bike, or for any automobile. These directions
can be created by dragging the mouse along a route on map or just by typing directions turnby-turn.

The only unfortunate part of this very puzzle is that you can only go through the shortest route.
Google Maps is not very interested in the long scenic route from one place to other. You can
also get around this whole thing by creating several short trips with various routes.
Add Directions
Directions addition can be done by using the arrow button located very next to the route
button. You can click it and a destination can be easily added along with a starting point in the
menu in the left of all your tools options.
This system can again add the shortest path between the mentioned two points by foot, car, or
an automobile.
Ruler Tool
With the help of Ruler tool, located on the right of the directions tool, you can add line
segments, which display the distance. This can be very helpful, mainly for walking directions.

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