5 Must Have Android Apps For Parents

Parents are always concerned about their children’s welfare. Besides being busy with their routines, they do want to spend some quality time for their kids with whatever options are available. One among them is the widely used Android smartphones. Android offers exciting collection of applications and each one is aimed towards achieving a specific set of tasks. It can be entertainment, religion or office work; you will definitely meet your most particular needs.

Also there is another category of apps that lot of Android fans forget about – the apps that enhance the total experience of parents in their parenting roles. In this article, we shall look at the five must-have Android apps for parents.

Browser App

This browser app comes free and is better known as �?The Web Filter’. In case your children are frequently within the reach of your Android, you need to install a browser app, which will rather make it safe for your children to browse the web. This app will filter adult, porn, gambling and any other content that might not be good for the kids. Also, you can even set it up to block specific social media and gaming endeavours.


Skype is one handy app where parents can have access to their children. Through video calls and instant messages, they can have a tab on their children when they are out on errands. It will rather let you know whether your kid is online and allows you to reach them instantly.

Flayvr’s MyRoll Smart Photo Gallery App

Children grow fast and in today’s digital scenario. Parents have a tendency to take lots of photos and record numerous videos of their children as they grow up. Flayvr’s MyRoll Smart Photo Gallery app is the most wanted app in the process of organising and storing these valuable memories. It identifies your best photos and collects them into �?moments’, getting together both videos and photos in the process. You can even organize your multimedia moments in a more traditional way.  Do remember that the app is available for free on the Play Store.

Dinner Time App

It is no longer a daunting task for parents to have a tab on their children’s food behaviour. They can now use the Dinner Time app from their device by distantly shutting down their children’s Android device. There are three breaks available in the app like Take a Break, Dinner Time and Bed Time. Parents can choose any of these and they can have complete control to fix time limits to their kid’s device. Also they need not repeat themselves several times to put devices away at meal time and bed time. The app is free and allows two devices to be connected.

The Story of the Drip Drops App

This is one more Android app that parents may really be fond of. It is a leading storytelling tool, which can be used for children in the age group of 3 to 6 to make them sleep. In case you cannot get them to sleep, you can keep them occupied when you go about your daily routines.

Mint Finance App

Effective budgeting will have a positive effect on parenting and this app will help you put together your income, budgets and expenditure. You can even set targets on savings. This app can be downloaded from Mint.com website for free.

Thus, parents can equally travel along with their children towards technology to attain mutual benefits. Thanks to the technology!

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